Certification Letter Policy
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Northern Ohio AFP provides periodic education sessions that may or may not qualify as continuing education credit for a number of professional certifications, including but not limited to: Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), and Certified Public Accountant (CPA/CPE).

Because Northern Ohio AFP is affiliated with the Association for Financial Professionals, CTP and FP&A certification letters are provided by the Association for Financial Professionals directly. These letters will be provided by Northern Ohio AFP to those who have registered for a qualifying event, either via electronic notification (email) or hard copy (in person at the event). Responsibility for maintaining CTP and FP&A certification(s) is incumbent on the certified party to collect and maintain certification letters and report continuing education credits to the Association for Financial Professionals. If a certification letter is required after distribution, registrants can send a request to secretary@northernohioafp.org with the name of the registrant, name and/or time period of the event, and where to send the letter.

For certifications other than those sponsored by the Association for Financial Professionals, it is the responsibility of the certified party to request an attendance letter from Northern Ohio AFP. Requests should be sent to secretary@northernohioafp.org and include the following information: name of event registrant, name and/or time period of event, where attendance letter should be sent, and what information should be included in the letter. A letter will then be provided within a reasonable time period. It is incumbent on the certified party to understand what is required by their certifying party, and to report any qualifying continuing education credits to said party.

Questions on this policy can be directed to secretary@northernohioafp.org

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