2020 Idea Exchange Sessions
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Chris Ruscitti and Blaine Carnprobst
Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Accounts Receivable

As companies continue to experience increases in electronic payments, it’s becoming more common for remitters to exclude remittance and deduction detail. New technology, including artificial intelligence, can connect the remittance detail with the associated payments, while also further interrogating the details to improve automated accounts receivable (A/R) posting “hit rates.” In this session, we’ll discuss challenges faced by A/R groups as the payment landscape changes and present strategies for improving the A/R posting hit rate.
Win Pinet and Marcia Banks
Sycamore Associates
The Wild Ride, Part One: Capital markets so far in 2020 (and the defaults and workouts to come)

Download Presentation [PDF]
This session presents current events in the capital markets, how we got here from March 2020, how to prepare for what may come, and how it compares to 2008-10. We will offer a COVID Carve-Out "how-to" and discuss what's available now (investment-grade and non-investment-grade) that would not have been a year ago, and how the capital and credit markets are likely to function for companies. This will be timely market information and also help professionals who did not experience the events of 2008-10 as finance and treasury professionals.
Tom Jalics
Fifth Third Bank
Look at Today's Economic Condition and What to Expect Through the Recovery and Beyond

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Look at today's economic conditions and what to expect through the recovery and beyond. Tom Jalics, Fifth Third Bank's Chief Market Strategist, will share key insights on the U.S. and Global economy, financial markets, and more.
Lunchtime Practioner roundtable (additional sign up only)
Open Discussion
Attendees of this practitioner-only roundtable will have the opportunity to share their own lessons learned and discuss best practices and day to day problems with their peers. This session will provide practioners the chance to find out how others in the group have solved the problems we all face. This event is restricted to practitioners only and requires separate registration from the main conference. Attendees will be provided a link to this session prior to the conference.
Randy Pargman & Tammy Gedetsis
Binary Defense / KeyBank
Cybersecurity during a pandemic.. what keeps us up at night

Download Presentation [PDF]
As we all adapt to our ‘new normal’ at work and at home, one thing hasn’t gone away – threat actors are still trying to take advantage of any weakness to gain access to information. Two hours. That’s all it takes for a hacker to get to the data they need once they gain entry to an organization’s computer systems. Most companies are not prepared to address a breach that quickly. In fact, many don’t even realize they’ve been breached until it’s too late to recover lost funds or data without repercussions. With technology platforms constantly evolving, new vulnerabilities that require vigilance to implement and cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, education about prevention is essential. In this session, you’ll hear case studies from an expert in investigating computer intrusions at Binary Defense who will share lessons learned from attacks against computer systems and the subsequent measures that have been adopted for protection. Session attendees will learn best practices that they can apply to protect their own organizations in the hacking age.
George Holt & Ahmed El Nokali
First National Bank
Thriving in Uncertain Times - Managing risk and navigating international business challenges
George Holt, Director of International Banking at First National Bank will present an overview of the current state of international banking and ways to mitigate risks and potential challenges during this period of instability. Main supporting points: Global supply chain - what's causing instability and what can businesses do to overcome instability. Foreign exchange – the value of the dollar compared to other currencies, and government intervention. Ahmed El Nokali, Managing Director and Head of Interest Rate Management at FNB will present an overview of the current state of the interest rate market and ways to mitigate risks. Main supporting points: paying close attention to the current interest rate environment and where it's headed including the rise of LIBOR floors, and utilizing hedging strategies such as derivatives.
Michael Draxton & Daniel Keleher
U.S. Bank

How Open Banking APIs are Disrupting Financial Services

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What are APIs and what benefits do they provide? As technology in this space rapidly evolves, it’s important to start thinking about how your organization can benefit from Open Banking solutions. We’ll take a look into relevant use cases U.S. Bank is exploring and what the future may hold in this space.


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