2018 Idea Exchange Sessions
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Are Banks Becoming Interchangeable Vendors?

James G. Brunnquell, CTP Senior Vice President

The number of companies planning to issue an RFP for treasury services or replace a credit bank in 2018 are at all-time highs. What are the causes of this churn? Has the glue to the relationship become technology and service instead of credit? Are your existing banks long term partners, or are they becoming interchangeable vendors?

Kevin Beck, Assistant Treasurer, The Timken Company
Cory Edens, Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer, FiREapps

In today’s highly-volatile global currency climate, world-class companies are leveraging cloud analytics to visualize the impact of currencies on their financial results.

Jumping in the Deep End - Understanding and Embracing the New Payments Landscape
David Enick, VP, Manager Treasury Solutions Group, PNC Bank
Lia Albright, VP, RTP Product Owner, PNC Bank

Digital innovation is driving transformation in the treasury management industry — the momentum is real and new opportunities are emerging. Unlike other industries that have been revolutionized by modern technology, the U.S. payments space has remained largely unchanged. Until now, that is.

Same Day ACH now supports both debit and credit transactions. Peer-to-peer network technology is entering the business world, expediting business-to-consumer payment and offering alternatives to check payment activity. Real-time payments have been formally introduced to the U.S. payment system. Expanding API connectivity is driving a migration from batch processing to real time execution. These disruptive developments have the potential to transform traditional payment models. This session will focus on the evolution and ongoing development of emerging payment channels. We will introduce a framework for evaluating the application of these alternatives and highlight potential use cases. 

Treasury & Tax Reform   
Laura Valestin, Washington National Tax Services - International Director, PwC
Robert Vettoretti, Financial & Treasury Management Services - Managing Director, PwC
Matt Wallace, International Tax Services, PwC
Raoul Gonzalez, Transfer Pricing Services, PwC

This session will inform attendees of the major legislative changes to the tax code and the potential impact these changes may have on Corporate Treasury. For example, this presentation will cover the following: the mandatory toll charge for foreign earnings repatriation,100% capital investment depreciation, global intangible low-taxed foreign income (GILTI), foreign derived intangible income (FDII) and base erosion and anti-avoidance tax (BEAT). The session will also inform attendees of the additional decisions that must be made in order to limit downside affects and neutralize adverse consequences resulting from tax reform. Such discussion will include how to adjust organizational strategy given the recent legislative changes. In doing so, this session will enable attendees to understand how to deliver at least the same, if not more value in a post-tax-reform business environment.

Account Analysis.  The Starting Point for Good Treasury Management.
Tony Carfang, Managing Director
Treasury Strategies, a division of Novantas, Inc.

Analyzing your account analyses is as important as ever. Statements stretch dozens and sometimes hundreds of pages, defying comprehension. Complex or fragmented banking relationships can result in excess costs, poor use of funds, ineffective services and account structure, fraud exposure and weak balance management. Treasury Strategies will provide tactical and strategic insights into how analyzing account analyses is a starting point in helping Treasury meet operating management goals while providing an efficient banking structure, effectively allocating bank spend and managing balances for maximum value

Creatively Combating Today's Global Cyber/Digital Threats
Dan Larkin, Director Fraud Prevention & MyCSO
Corporate & Institutional Banking, PNC

Mr Larkin will update the audience regarding some of the most significant threat confronting the Private Sector and Law Enforcement, as well as some impactful examples of successes achieved.   Mr Larkin will also draw out some of the most frustrating obstacles impeding cross-sector cooperation, and present examples of creative solutions that might be adopted.

The New FX Risk Management Mindset
Alison Fletcher, Corporate FX Market Specialist
Bloomberg LP

Corporate Treasurers have never been so well equipped to make prudent FX Risk Management decisions. Thanks to new technology, even the smallest treasuries can use the same analysis once reserved for banks and only the largest corporations. This session will examine these technology tools and take a look at current best practice when deciding firstly, which exposures to hedge and secondly, how to hedge them.

How to Create Your Custom LinkedIn
Susie Sharp, Business Consultant
Susan Sharp Consulting

When is the last time you updated or even looked at your LinkedIn page?  If you said, "I don't remember." Maybe sometime this year." or even "Not since I signed up for my LinkedIn account." well then this session is for you.  It is important to market yourself in a professional way especially since communication is moving more and more too digital platforms and professional website searches.  Susie Sharp is a nationally recognized trainer of LinkedIn and she is someone that can help you get your LinkedIn profile in ship shape. 

Investing for Business Owners 
Chris White, CFP®
Peoples Bank

Business owners and executives often have a significant amount of their assets tied up in the business, or their benefits can consist of company stock.  This can result in 'too many eggs in one basket' so they should look for alternative investment options.  This session explores the issues and virtues of diversification by moving some of their savings outside of their business relationship, and provides some insight on what those alternatives might be.

GDPR Compliance/Regulations   
Mark Webster, Partner
Treasury Alliance Group LLC

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective on May 25th but many companies are still not in compliance. Many US companies don’t even realize that they may have compliance issues.  GDPR spells out the EU’s rules on data privacy which are broad, carry significant penalties for non-compliance and impact any business that keeps or processes information on EU citizens, even those not located in the EU. A recent TAG survey showed 75% of respondents had trading partners in the EU but only 25% felt they were already in compliance. Almost 35% of respondents weren’t even aware of GDPR. And now US regulators are beginning to follow the EU lead. Much of what GDPR requires makes good business sense. Non-compliance or just ignoring GDPR doesn’t as the potential penalties can bankrupt many companies. This session, led by Mark Webster of Treasury Alliance Group, will discuss how GDPR potentially effects all companies, including US based companies and the steps you should take to get into compliance if you’re not already there.

Empowering Receivables: Decoding the Challenges Presented by Electronic Payments
Mark Smith,KeyBank, Emerging Product Group, Key Bank
Sarah Hatch, KeyBank
Justin Main, Billtrust, Sales Director

Businesses, particularly those with wide-ranging customer bases, find themselves trying to meet a growing range of customer payment demands and encounter processing challenges associated with those payments. In particular, the use of virtual or single-use cards by accounts payable departments has dramatically increased over the past five years, creating a new set of pain for the AR departments on the receiving end. This session examines the challenges new electronic payment trends have created for Accounts Receivable and the receivables response.

Developing a Payment Strategy to Maximize Working Capital
Timothy Jenkins, Vice President, Card Product Advisor,
PNC Bank, Treasury Solutions Group

Approaches to gain improvements in working capital, Working capital basics. Challenges, Embracing multiple strategies and Optimization Strategy.

Making Working Capital Work for You
Winifred Pinet, CTP, President, Sycamore Associates
Mark K. Webster, CCM, CPA, Partner, Treasury Alliance Group LLC

Sessions 1 and 2
Working capital is critical to the success of any company and treasury professionals spend much of their time managing, leveraging and worrying about working capital. This session will take a look at why working capital is so important and how things have changed in the last decade in light of the financial crisis. We will discuss some basics along with tools and techniques for managing working capital. The session will end with a panel discussion of how treasurers have dealt with various working capital issues in the today's changing environment.

Utilizing Faster Payments to Improve B2C Disbursements
Tim Mills, Enterprise Sales Executive, US Retail Vertical
The Clearing House

Up until recently B2C disbursements have been primarily tied to the paper check. Attend this session to gaining an understanding of how the payments industry is offering fresh new options for B2C disbursements focused on speed, certainty and finality. Whether your organization is looking for more efficient means to disbursement payroll, employee benefits or refunds this is the session for you. Faster payments offers a diverse set of options for getting funds into the hands of consumers quicker and more efficiently while avoiding expense and escheatment.

To RFP or Not To RFP?? - Best Practices When Selecting Treasury Technology        
Philip W Dregalla, Enterprise Sales Executive, US Retail Vertical

More treasury teams than ever before are selecting and replacing treasury technology such as treasury management systems, trading systems, and analysis tools. Traditionally, RFPs were a key tool in the selection process. But has the buying process changed with adoption of the cloud in treasury?

In this session, Kyriba along with treasury advisory firm, Nitor, will discuss the new best practices for evaluating and selecting treasury technology, including the ideal role for the RFP, for outside advisors, and how you become an expert on treasury systems before you buy.

Centralizing Treasury in a De-centralized World
Will Liu, CTP, Sr. Regional Manager

As companies grow their global footprint, they often struggle with decentralization, which makes it difficult for efficient cash management. “How much cash do we have?” is a question that a treasury organization should always be able to answer. Attaining full visibility and efficiency can prove quite challenging for multinational companies without uniform internal systems and with thinly spread.

The Rise of Real Time Payments in the US Market
Brian Guess, SVP - Commercial Payables Team Leader

Learn about the evolution of payments within the US and the rise of Real Time Payments as the next chapter.  This session will explore what are real time payments; how they stack up against other faster payment solutions; and how they may be used by corporate practitioners.  Also get an update on how the multi-bank project is progressing and how it will be deployed to facilitate the payment needs of corporations and businesses.   

Payment Control & Fraud Prevention: The Importance of Managing Workflows in Your ERP
Yussuf Ali, Solution Architect

In today's complex payment environment with a high volume of bank accounts among numerous banks located throughout different geographical locations, managing payment has never been more challenging. Finance and treasury professionals often struggle with many types of banking systems that uses a range of different payment formats. This increase in complexity often results in lack a centralized view into outgoing payments.  The session will show you how an integrated payment solution within your existing ERP can ensure a secure and controlled payment approval process and execution workflow from the payment is entered until it reaches the bank. All this can be achieved without ever leaving your ERP at any point during this process.

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