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Session Descriptions

Maximizing Treasury Management with Corporate-to-Bank Integration

John Sciano, CTP Vice President & Sr. Channels Product Manager

Treasury Services Product & Innovation

Key Bank


In today’s challenging business environment, treasury and finance professionals are focusing more than ever on ways to improve efficiency, collect funds faster and reduce fraud. For many, treasury management systems (TMSs), enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) and other software packages provide innovative technology solutions to meet these needs, giving management more

time to spend on strategic issues that can increase the company’s value.



Applying the DOLs New Fiduciary Rule to Your Risk Management Program

Phillip Long, Vice President

BB&T Bank


The Department of Labor's recent fiduciary regulation has the potential to substantially change how investment advice is given for ERISA retirement plans and IRAs.  This presentation will cover the basics of the new regulation and discuss how it can apply to both service providers to retirement plans and to plan sponsors.  The presentation will also cover how involved parties can minimize their ERISA exposure under the new regulation. 



Dynamic Discounting – The opportunity for Treasury, Procurement and Finance to come together and generate value for your organization and your supply chain.   

Stewart Stanton, Managing Director



Jennifer Dolan, Manager – Treasury Initiatives

Eaton Corporation


While businesses have been working with banks and suppliers throughout history to find optimal means of negotiating early pay discounts, the advent of fintech startups are enabling new tools for suppliers and buyers to find the right payment timeline, at the right price. In this session, we'll dissect dynamic discounting as it relates to other early payment methods to better understand what the historical tools have offered and how dynamic discounting is providing a different approach to working capital.    


P2P Automation

Dave Enick, Vice President Treasury Solutions

PNC Bank


The Procure to Pay process can involve timely and cumbersome tasks within a company’s Procurement and Accounts Payable departments.  Leveraging technology and best practices can ultimately lead to automation, efficiencies, cost savings and provide greater visibility across the organization.  This session will focus on Procure to Pay Automation with an emphasis on reducing paper, utilizing technology to deliver straight thru processing, leveraging electronic invoicing solutions and providing a framework for a more efficient process.


What’s on Your Accounts Payable Wish List?

Mark Sorg, SVP Product Solutions Consultant

Wells Fargo Bank


AP optimization is a rising hot topic for leading companies with a focus on maximizing working capital. Buyer initiated card payments, ACH migration, e-Invoicing, and dynamic discounting all have their place in a successful supplier strategy. This session is an engaging and interactive presentation that utilizes audience polling opportunities to compare their current and anticipated future AP environments with those of leading organizations. We will explore the benefits of optimizing payments made or discounts taken with each cycle based on a company’s current working capital position. In this session we will review the various AP solution components at play, recommend how to prioritize their deployment, and share concepts of what's on the horizon in the form of an AP utility that will make AP wishes come true.



Real Time Payments: An Electronic Payments Solution for Treasury Managers

Tim Mills, Vice President Real Time Payments Business Development

The Clearing House


The first new payments network to be introduced in the U.S in over 40 years will be deployed later this year. The Real Time Payments (RTP) network promises to do more than just increase the speed of payments. It will solve for much of the payments friction felt by today's treasury manager. This session will provide attendees with an overview of the RTP capabilities in the context of treasury management. From instant payments to enhanced straight-through capabilities, RTP has the potential to revolutionize current treasury management practices. Treasury use cases supported by this new network will be explored.



EBAM in Your ERP

Yussef Ali, Solution Architect

Hanse Orga International Corp.


In today’s Excel based and manually driven environment see how bank account management tools provide seamless management and control around the administrative processes. Opening, closing accounts and signatory can all be catered for with SAP, thus ensuring full work flow control within a single environment. Compliant reporting and FBAR output further ensure adherence to today’s regulatory demands.


Optimizing Your Liquidity through Cash Segmentation

Michael Morin, Director of Institutional Money Market Portfolio Management

Fidelity Investments


Insight on managing corporate liquidity – and the critical role cash segmentation can play – now that recent money market regulatory changes are in place. In this new environment, and in light of upcoming Basel III deadlines and short-term rate uncertainty, corporate treasurers need investing strategies for their operating cash. While bank deposits and government money market funds are likely to continue to be popular options, the main focus of Michael’s presentation is cash segmentation – allocating cash balances into multiple “buckets” of operating and strategic liquidity. We will discuss this strategy in detail, focusing on how it can allow corporate treasurers to take advantage of a wider array of solutions, including conservative ultra-short bond funds and separately managed accounts.


Is Branch Automation Forcing Retailers to Solve for 'The Walk to Branch'?

Josh Dunaway, Sr. Treasury Management Product Manager

Fifth Third Bank


Financial institutions continue to optimize their Retail branch networks as part of ongoing automation and digitization efforts.  Commercial and Business Banking customers are feeling the pressure of price increases, branch closures and reduced acceptance of large currency/coin deposits.  This is forcing clients, among other things, to consider alternate channels to make deposits and source change orders to support their day to day business operations.  This session will highlight recent changes to the branch network, at a market level and specifically at 5/3, and the impact that will have on cash & coin transactions.  A product review of Treasury Management solutions that solve for the need to visit a branch will be presented.



Digital Transformation – Why Bother?

Lucy Diasio, Senior Vice President, Product & Innovation

Key Bank Enterprise Commercial Payments, Treasury Services


Brian Guess

Key Bank/EPCOR


Embracing digital and electronic payment strategies has been a major focus of our industry over the past few years. Digital transformation has been flourishing across the B2B payments landscape with companies capitalizing on electronic payment trends and revamping the way they pay their suppliers. But are these pivotal changes really worth it? Do these solutions provide equal benefits for both the “buyer” and the “seller”? This session will take a candid look into digital transformation strategies from both perspectives. Attendees will get a look into current market solutions and rate their success.


Liquidity, Risks and Your Crystal Ball: Working Capital Tools, Tricks and Troubles for Treasury

Winifred Pinet, CTP

Sycamore Associates LLC


Mark Webster, CPA, CCM, Partner

Treasury Alliance Group LLC


This double session will explore the role and responsibility of Treasury in working capital management, the linkages that requires throughout the Company, the challenges of that role, and offer practical tips to make your process better in times that offer more uncertainty and crystal-ball-gazing than ever. The second half will feature a practitioner panel offering you the chance for Q and A with your colleagues. We will take a short break between during the session.

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